Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Girls Talk about Building Self-Confidence

Our Girls in Mitumba Primary school- a small community school in Mitumba slums, Nairobi-Kenya discuss building self-confidence and how they can inititate change in their communities.
Courage they say is the absence of fear, which is one of the words the girls at Mitumba use to describe Self-confidence. Many Girls and even much older women as well as elders have low self-esteem on a daily basis. The thought of having to face the crowd, speak in public whiles eyes glued to you the speaker and every ear attentive to listen was the topic of discussions on the 22nd Of June,2011 at Mitumba Community Primary School at 3.00 pm.
The session just as the preceding one was delayed due the waits occasioned by “African timing.”The day was extremely cold as the month of July was slowly beckoning. I took this time to marvel at the beauty endowed in this vast environment, the potential that the students retain was another encouraging factor.

Soon the time came, Thirty (30) minutes later the girls had all assembled in one of the classes which has now become a standard meeting point. As a recap we all had to reintroduce each other but this time the platform and approach would be different. The introduction would be in front of the class while facing the rest of the class. The reception was baffling most of the girls were resistant to the idea. To break the ice we had to do the Knowing me Knowing you session but as a familiarization concept for the topic – Self confidence.

“Can someone describe the meaning of the word Self – Confidence?”

Teacher (referring to our coordinator) - It is being bold, courageous, strong, sure, being forward or being strong”These were just but afew of the responses derived from the question asked. The next was to discuss the importance of being self – confident.
This was a prelude to the main menu of discussion and interaction for the day. The menu included self-introduction and why they liked being in school.

Some of the girls were shy and many could not keep eye-contact. The voices of some also shook as they spoke. It was emphasized that self-confidence was an important part of life and girls should endeavor to stand up, be bold,speak up and take action to bring change to their lives, families and communities.
As a facilitator many thoughts poured as I left the girls-how different will it be today would it be if we had all of this inculcated in our school curriculum…..it remains just that a thought especially after having to learn everything the hard way!


  1. This is all amazing!Kudos for the session you had and for the wonderful work you have been doing!

  2. Thank you! Your work inspires us too and we look forward to working with you to impact the lives of girls in your community.

  3. awesome!It is important to help young girls find their voice in the society and this requires boldness. They need to have the courage to make right choices and stand their ground amidst peer pressure.

  4. Very true!!! The voice of girls and young women from difficult backgrounds should always be elicited and included in all sectors of life. Thank you for passing by. Stay tuned for more girls stories in communities around the world.

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